Are you available for commissioning?

I am not currently available for commissions.



What kind of pencils do you use and what kind would you recommend for a beginner?

I prefer Faber-Castell Polychromos. I have tried different types and brands but these seem to be a perfect fit for my methods. Polys are oil based so there is no wax blooming. Also, oil based pencils make layering pleasant. As for what to recommend, It's all about trial and error and finding what fits you best. However, I will suggest going straight for the artist grade pencils. Whether you try wax, oil, or watercolor pencils.


What kind of paper do you use?

I use Stonehenge paper. it is made of cotton and is fairly heavy. On one side the tooth is smooth and one the other side there is a bit more texture. Works beautifully with colored pencils.


Where can I buy prints from you?

Site coming soon!


Did you attend school for art?

I do not have a degree in the arts. I took a watercolor class in highschool, a work shop on "how to become a better artist" back in 2012, and won a class on composition in early 2013. Everything else has been fueled on passion and coffee.